Zhutan in the future will have 2 rail line mutual docking will be connected to Changzhutan City

After Zhuzhou City rail transit preliminary planning, Xiangtan also recently announced its rail transit preliminary planning results. Comprehensive planning of the two cities, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, the two cities with a straight line distance of only 20 kilometers, will have two rail lines docking with each other in the future.

According to the "Xiangtan City public transport special planning", Xiangtan intends to build 3 rail transit lines in the future. Among them, Line 1 starts from Xiangtan North Railway Station, passes through Xiangtan Railway station, construction intersection, automobile east Station and other important nodes, and connects with Zhuzhou metro line; Line 3 also starts from Xiangtan North Railway Station, passes through Jiuhua Economic Development Zone, Yuetang District, Xiangtan Tianyi Fan District and stops at Zhuzhou West Railway Station, and connects with Zhuzhou Metro Line 1.

Zhuzhou City last year published the "Zhuzhou City public transport system planning" shows that the urban planning rail transit line is a total of 4, among which, there are 2 will be docking with Xiangtan. One will connect Shifeng District with Xiangtan Yuetang District, while the other will connect Tianyuan District with Xiangtan Tianyi Fan District.

In the above track line, the two city planning is basically the same, however, in the specific point of contact and other details, the preliminary planning of the two cities did not make a statement. According to the insider, in order to accelerate the integration, Changzhutan is embarking on the establishment of three city planning information sharing mechanism. In addition, the provincial level has also carried out research on the planning and construction of Changzhutan urban rail transit, according to the preliminary idea, the three cities rail transit will be connected with Changzhutan intercity railway, forming a closed rail loop.

Previously, the city's transport bureau informed sources revealed that at present, relevant departments are preparing to start the preparation of metro station layout scheme, the original 2030 subway construction plan, is expected to be implemented ahead of schedule. "Zhuzhou will be combined with Changtan city rail transit line overall layout, will also make optimization and adjustment of urban rail transit planning." "The person said.