Guangdong Yuhua xing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Company development strategy planning

Guangdong yuhua xing construction machinery manufacturing company will insist to fabulous products, high quality service as the core management idea, proposed according to the company's advanced technology and excellent equipment, to further expand the company's business abroad, forge a characteristic "yuhua xing" brand, at the same time broaden the application field of yuhua xing company products in the domestic and the market, Enhance as the domestic first-class construction machinery construction solution ability, gradually achieve to meet the domestic and foreign construction machinery product technical requirements, become the world's first-class construction machinery manufacturer.

The strategic measures to be taken by Yuhua Xing Company in broadening the sales field, improving the ability of independent innovation and enhancing the core competitive advantage are based on the future strategic planning of the company.

The company intends to adopt the following strategic measures:
① Product, technology longitudinal deepening;
② Market, regional vertical deepening.

Through the vertical deepening development of the above two aspects, the company will comprehensively improve the technical level, take the international first-class construction machinery manufacturer as the development goal, reach the international advanced technical level, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness as a domestic construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in the global market.