Guangdong Yuhua Xing Dongguan company which a few big bright spot?


Several highlights of Guangdong Yuhua Xing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. Dongguan! Guangdong Yuhua Xing Dongguan company investment reached 100 million, in order to achieve standardization, specialization, in the factory has made a great change. So what are the highlights?

First, the factories of Yuhua Xing are built by Butler Manufacturing Company in the United States. Founded in 1901, Butler Manufacturing Company is one of the world's leading designers and producers of non-residential prefabricated light steel structures with design and manufacturing resources worldwide. Many large conglomerates including the famous MOTOROLA, General Motors, General Electric, Intel and other enterprises are built by Butler Construction.

Two, several production workshops are equipped with more than 30 vehicles capable of carrying 5 tons, three-dimensional space operation to a full range of coverage.

Three, the workshop discarded the traditional blower, the use of automatic ventilation system, saving power colleagues, can adjust the indoor temperature, to warm in winter and cool in summer,

Four, the company at the same time has more than 10 sets of construction lifts and other aerial work platform test with the experimental frame, can carry out experiments on more than 10 aerial work platform at the same time, in the lifting industry, is one of the highest experimental frame. And it is one of the results of the company's independent research and development design.

Fifth, the delivery efficiency of the company has been significantly improved. By building platforms that are the same height as truck cars, forklifts can carry products directly into trucks. One-stop loading and unloading. Improve delivery efficiency.