Yuhua xing climbing high altitude work platform obtained a new patent!

With the development of urbanization, the need for large buildings will be more and more, at the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of building exterior walls are also more and more attention. Common exterior wall paint painting project, wall waterproof construction, wall cleaning and cleaning engineering, wall insulation process, etc., all need to work at high altitude, but also need to carry construction tools and building materials. The existing construction methods such as hanging board, scaffolding and electric hanging basket have defects such as low safety, high labor cost and inability to apply to large buildings.

Guangdong Yuhua xing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2007 through independent design and research and development, and the production of the first climbing work platform, so that this product soon opened the market. And passed the famous German TUV logo certification, obtained the ISO9000 quality management certificate.

TuV logo is a German TuV for components products customized a safety certification mark, in Germany and Europe has been widely accepted. At the same time, enterprises can apply for CB certificate when applying for TuV logo, which can obtain certificates from other countries through conversion. Moreover, after the products are certified, German TuV will recommend these products to rectifier machine factories that come to inquire about qualified component suppliers. In the process of the whole machine certification, where the TuV logo components can be exempted from inspection.

The gold content of TUV logo is very high. In China, only the climbing working platform produced by Guangdong Yuhua Xing has obtained the English version TUV certification of the climbing altitude working platform. Therefore, the climbing working platform produced by Guangdong Yuhua Xing has been recognized by many foreign builders. Because of its international standard quality and low price than other developed countries, it quickly won the favor of customers. The climbing working platform used in Singapore is the machinery produced by Guangdong Yuhua Hing. In China, only the climbing working platform produced by Yuhua Hing Guangdong can enter the Singapore market.

After years of development. Guangdong Yuhua Xing construction machinery company through continuous and unremitting research and development. Having made a major breakthrough in technology, it has now submitted the invention patent and utility model patent application for the climbing working platform to the State Technology Patent Office. It marks the product development of Guangdong Yuhua xing Construction Machinery Company into a new mileage cup.