Guangdong Yuhua xing and Spain Ornik company reached a cooperative relationship

Ornik is a company registered in Paraguay. With business spread across Europe and the United States, we have been focusing on the production and sales of construction equipment such as construction elevator, construction elevator, climbing work platform, hanging basket and so on.

Due to the increasing cost of labor production in Europe, Olnik company gradually closed its production workshop and transformed into a middleman. With its previous sales network, the annual sales of construction elevators can reach more than 100 sets.

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Anthony of Ornik came to China on behalf of the company to seek manufacturers of construction elevators and climbing platforms. China's current industry has been increasingly perfect, the production of construction elevator and other construction equipment is gradually closer to the international standard, with its more advantageous than the developed countries in Europe and the United States production cost, in the international market share is gradually expanding, in the international influence is also growing.

Mr. Anthony this time is to investigate a number of Chinese construction elevator, climbing work platform production family, finally after a 2-month investigation and choose to cooperate with Yuhua xing.

1. Yuhua Xing adheres to the quality principle and achieves high standards of products at reasonable prices
2. The construction elevator, climbing platform and other machinery produced by Yuhua Xing meet the requirements of European machinery, and realize the exchange of supporting products with the world's top machinery brands.
3. The products produced by Yuhua Xing not only meet various market requirements, but also constantly challenge the projects with high difficulty and strict requirements (such as the first high apartment building in Thailand and other projects), with years of accumulated technical force and production strength shows the ability of Yuhua xing.

Guangdong Yuhua xing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Figure: SC frequency conversion construction elevator of the tallest building in Thailand has a load of 3 tons and a speed of 96 meters/min
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