Guangdong Yuhua xing developed a super telescopic unloading platform

Guangdong Yuhua xing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of construction elevator, construction elevator, hanging basket, climbing platform, unloading platform manufacturers.

Since the cooperation with Australia PRESON company, we have gradually brought the telescopic unloading platform into China. The advantages of the telescopic unloading platform are very obvious:
1. Convenient installation and disassembly, the whole process can be done in 15 minutes, can greatly save the construction time and reduce the cost.
2. Telescopic unloading platform can be telescopic. The load can be up to 5 tons. It can be maximized.
3 Maintenance Maintenance costs are low and almost no maintenance is required. It is the safest unloading platform in the world. The unloading platform with the best engineering design.

Telescopic unloading platforms are the most widely used in the world based on the above characteristics. Therefore, it is better verified that it has almost zero cost of maintenance.

Based on the special requirements of some customers. Guangdong Yuhua Xing through continuous research and development. Finally developed a load of 10 tons of super unloading platform. It is applied to some special construction sites.

And applied for a patent with the National Patent Office in 2015.

The telescopic unloading platform is used on construction sites
The telescopic unloading platform is used on construction sites