How to install construction elevator protective door on construction site

Construction site, safety is more important than everything! Because high-rise construction has a certain risk, high-rise construction needs to install the construction elevator to carry out raw material transportation and personnel in and out of the passage, the construction elevator must do a good job of safety protection before it is put into use, must be in accordance with the provisions to install and use the construction elevator.

The construction elevator protective door has been a kind of protective facilities can be seen everywhere in the construction site, it can effectively guarantee the safety of the construction of the elevator platform, a good guarantee of the safety of the construction personnel, avoid unnecessary accidents. So how to correctly install the construction of elevator protective door?

1. During the installation of the construction elevator protective door, the transportation must be stopped and the installation is in a static state to ensure safety.

2. The construction elevator protective door is recommended to use the push-pull protective door, the protective door must have eye-catching warning signs.

3. The protective door is protected by steel gate door. The size of the door is generally 1.3* meters *1.8 meters or 1.5 meters *1.8 meters.

4. The door frame and lift platform frame should be welded firmly, using electric welding, welding part length is not less than 14 cm.

5 in the side of the protective door need to weld two bolt shaft holes, usually using round tube small parts.

6. In the process of welding the door shaft, the position of the door shaft should be laid out in advance, and the welding can be carried out after the check is correct. The welding process is in strict accordance with the relevant regulations to reduce accidents and ensure the safety of construction.

Now more and more construction sites are used to the construction of elevator protective door safety protection facilities, is related to the safety of countless people's lives. In the purchase of the construction elevator protective door, to strictly according to the specific requirements of the construction site to choose, choose the appropriate site construction specifications is good, each construction personnel should take strict precautions, put safety in the first place, the responsibility is greater than the day.