Precautions for setting up Unloading platform

Unloading platform is a kind of temporary operation platform and operation frame, which is usually used for material turnover. The unloading platform is divided into mobile unloading platform, floor unloading platform and cantilever unloading platform. Precautions for setting up the unloading platform.

1. The fabrication of unloading platform shall be carried out by professional electric welder.

2. The required welds shall be free of desoldering, missing welding and full.

3. The board on the platform shall be fully paved and bound with 8 lead wires.

4. The height of protective railings shall not be less than 1.5m, and a dense mesh safety net shall be hung inside.

5. The anchor of steel wire rope shall meet the specification requirements.

6. Before the installation of the material platform, check whether the connection between the reserved anchor ring and the structure is reliable and whether there is looseness, and then install it after confirmation.

7. When lifting the unloading platform, the four steel wire ropes used for lifting shall be of the same length to ensure the stable installation of the platform.

8. When hoisting, the signalman shall work closely with the installer to ensure safety.

9. For the sake of safety, the unloading platform shall be hung with obvious load limit plate, which shall be 1.0T.

10. During the first use, static load test shall be carried out to confirm that the material platform is not deformed, the weld is not cracked, and the concrete at the anchor ring is not cracked, etc., and it can be put into use only after it is signed and approved by the relevant department and the person in charge.

Now the international widely used is the retractable unloading platform. As a high safety unloading platform in the world, the retractable unloading platform of Guangdong yuhuaxing Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is used for the material transportation between the ground and the floor in coordination with the crane. The platform can be freely retracted with a maximum  safety load of 5 tons, which has been popularized nationwide.