How to use construction lift safely

In the construction site, high-rise construction needs to install the construction elevator to transport raw materials and personnel access. What is a construction lift? Construction elevator also called construction elevator, outdoor elevator, people and goods elevator, is often used in the construction of manned cargo construction machinery, mainly used in the interior and exterior decoration of high-rise buildings, Bridges, chimney and other construction.

How to use construction lift safely

High-rise construction has a certain risk, construction elevator in the use of high safety risk, is a safety problem faced by construction enterprises. Before the elevator is put into use must do a good job of safety protection work, must be in accordance with the provisions to install the use of the construction elevator, to avoid unnecessary accidents, so we usually how to check the construction of the elevator?

1, before putting into use, must pass the fall test. In the use of a fall test every 3 months. It should be carried out according to the instructions. When the ladder cage falls more than 1.2m braking distance in the test, the reason should be found out, and the anti-fall device should be adjusted to ensure that the braking distance is not more than 1.2m.

2. Check the transmission mechanism: when the hanging cage is fully loaded, the braking distance shall not exceed 0.3m, and the thinnest place of the brake disc or brake block shall not be less than 5mm, otherwise it must be replaced

3. Check the upper and lower limits: the upper limit should ensure that the ladder cage triggers the limit, and the upper safe distance should not be less than 1.8m. The lower limit ensures that the ladder cage shall not touch the bottom.

4. Limit switch: the distance between the upper limit and the upper limit switch is greater than or equal to 0.15m.

5. The material inlet and outlet threshold, skylight threshold, wire rope breaking insurance and door wrench lifting weight limiter should all be guaranteed to work normally.

6. The motor, display, video monitor, sensor and pager in the operation room can be used normally.

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