Reflection on the Tower crane Collapse in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou -YHX Guangdong Yuhua xing

In recent years, tower crane collapse events have occurred frequently. According to statistics, there were a total of 88 tower crane related accidents in 2014, which occurred in all provinces of the country. In 2014, there were tower crane accidents every month, with the most accidents occurring from March to October when construction was concentrated. The main reasons for tower crane accidents are the poor quality of tower cranes and illegal operation of operators. At about 14:00 on July 19, 2015, a tower crane under construction in a factory building of Sufiasimi Kitchen Co., LTD., Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, collapsed during the lifting operation. The cockpit and lifting arm of the tower fell from a height of 40 meters, causing 3 workers to die on the spot, and one died after being taken to hospital.
Tower crane collapse often leads to the death of on-site operators and non-related personnel, resulting in many unnecessary family tragedies. Although engineering accidents have a certain degree of contingency, but so frequent occurrence, can not help but let people reflect on the underlying reasons behind the accident. To sum up, the causes of frequent tower crane accidents are mainly as follows: one is the tower crane installation and disassembly problems, the second is the use of problems, the third is the quality of the tower crane itself. A brief analysis of the causes of tower crane collapse is as follows:

one Causes of accidents caused by problems in installation and disassembly:
1. The installation and disassembly team has no qualification and no certificate to undertake disassembly and installation tasks. The personnel, equipment, technology and other aspects of the installation and disassembly unit are not qualified, which is an important cause of the accident.
2. Installation and disassembly without scheme, five safety technology disclosure, with experience. The disassembly unit does not prepare the disassembly plan, does not carry out the safety technology disclosure, according to the experience of illegal insolence, is the direct cause of the accident.
3. Violation of disassembly procedures during installation and disassembly. In the process of disassembly and assembly, disassembly units do not follow the first thick order of disassembly and assembly in the instruction manual of tower crane, and do not follow the requirements of disassembly scheme and safety technology disclosure, to save trouble and imagine.
4. Do not handle the disassembly application and acceptance procedures. Tower crane users and disassembly and installation units do not go through disassembly and installation application and acceptance procedures in accordance with the provisions, and lose the opportunity for the competent government departments to check.

two Causes of accidents caused by problems in use:
1. Operation and command personnel are on duty without licenses. The tower crane driver and command personnel have not obtained the qualification certificate through professional training in accordance with the provisions, and do not have the corresponding professional skills and knowledge.
2. Operation and command personnel operate against regulations and command against regulations. Such as overload lifting, oblique hanging, in the construction site with tower crane hanging concrete pump conveying pipe concrete and arbitrary rotation and so on.
3. The daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment by the operator is not enough, which leads to the mechanical safety risks of the tower crane. If the performance of the tower crane moment limiter is not understood enough, it is not clear whether it really works, so that in the case of its failure, it is mistaken that its work is normal and lead to accidents. Ignore the human factors, such as in what range, can lift multiple, heart bottomless or unclear.
4. The operation and command personnel education and training is not enough. Many units only do the pre-job training, and ignore the continuous training and improvement of the operator's safety awareness in operation skills, and ignore the continuous training of the command personnel.

3. The cause of the accident caused by the quality problem of the tower crane product itself:
1. Design problems. The design of the moment limiter is defective and its sensitivity is poor; The design force of steel structure is unreasonable, and the design of hydraulic system is defective.
2. Parts problem. Moment limiter component quality problems of steel structure used in the steel material problem; Hydraulic system components quality problems and so on. 3 Manufacturing problems
3. Steel structure welding is not up to scratch. The height of the weld is not enough, there are defects such as porosity, slag inclusion and even welding deficiency, especially the important connection parts of the tower cap, big arm, balance arm and other parts have welding quality problems. The geometric size of the steel structure is not in conformity with the requirements. The cutting material is not according to the requirements, the steel section size can not reach the standard provisions.
4. The problems of factory certificate and instruction manual, no factory certificate, belong to fake and shoddy products. There is no batch description, and the changes to the original design are not marked.

"Reap what you sow, reap what you sow", there is a cause, there is a result, frequent accidents, we must have the corresponding countermeasures, Guangdong Yuhua xing called on the relevant departments:
First, increase the management of lifting machinery;
2. Strengthen the management of tower crane technical supervision and inspection department;
3. Strengthen the examination and management of leasing units and installation qualifications.

From the above analysis, we can see that in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, it is not only necessary to have the supervision and management of government departments, for the operator, it is also necessary to strengthen the training of professional ability and the training of responsibility to achieve "source management, nip in the bud".

Yuhua xing Xiaobian to remind the majority of tower crane practitioners, in order to protect their own and others' lives and safety, in the construction process must pay attention to safe operation. Be responsible for yourself and be responsible for others.