2024 National Safety Production Activity Month

June 2024 is the 23rd National Safety Month, with the following themes: Everyone talks about safety and everyone has an emergency -- a free passage to life. We held the safety and occupational health training activities for the 2024 Safe Production Activity, aiming to implement the responsibility for safe production, enhance the emergency awareness of employees, and improve their safety quality. The unimpeded passage of life is a way out of danger, a door away from danger, and a hope of survival. Everyone pay attention to safety, every family living in peace and contentment! The safety training for all employees includes: Basic knowledge of fire protection, cases and characteristics of fire accidents, basic methods of fire extinguishing and use of fire fighting equipment, fire escape and self-rescue. At the same time, organize employees to watch mechanical injury cases, high-place operation accidents, forklift accident cases, explain the classification, selection and use of labor protection articles. enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, understand the basic safety knowledge, master the ability of emergency response, eliminate the careless thought and fluke mentality in the production process, consciously abide by the rules and regulations for safe production and post operation, and correctly wear and use labor protection articles. Ensure self-safety .