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Franchisees and Agents

As for those franchisees and agents from non-Asian regions, after a comprehensive survey of applicants and local market, our company will provide training courses and technical support to help them successfully operate.
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Agents: referring to organizations or persons that want to go into construction machinery producing, leasing or selling. The construction machinery and site equipment might include: building hoist, mast climber, material loading platform, aerial work access platform, and so on.
1.You'd better have certain financial strength, good credit proof (cope of corporation license, bank proof of credit and loan and performance of contracts for latest two years)
2.Copy of credentials (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, ID card)
3.A permanent place for business operation
4.Installing and after-sales service.
5.You should have a good marketing ability, marketing channel, business development and management ability.
Our Service
1.We give you a special discount on our construction equipment in some certain areas.
2.You are accessible to our new products before they go to the market. Our company provides you technical support and service.
3.Our company guarantees a full range of advertising.
4.We have enough storage for parts and components.
5.Installing service.
6.After-sales service.