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Components Supply

Our supplying components for construction equipment and building machines are comprised of regular and special components. Special components are designed for those non-standard products. As for those products, according to the project process, our company will send sets of special components to clients or local facilitators.
We have a large storage for regular components in consideration of worn or damage. In order to realize a reasonable supply and to avoid unnecessary waste, we provide a manual about regular components types, lifespan and acceptability criterion for our agents. Learning from our manual, you can have a reasonable storage for regular components according to your actual situation. Agents should inspect regular components for the clients at intervals. Then, according to the inspection, we will store certain components in factory. In this way, we realize a high efficient storage management.
In different counties and regions, our construction equipment accessories can match perfectly with local parts or components. If you are out of local components, our company is always ready to send you regular components. Therefore, there is hardly possibility that you have to shut down your machines and wait for our components.