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After-sales Service

1. In consideration of a comprehensive understanding of construction machine and building equipment, professional operators are invited to our company to take installing training course. After they finish the course and pass the exam, we will issue operating certificate, ensuring a safe actual operation.
2. As for those daily technical operating problems, our company offers remote guidance first or remote data transmission correction (especially for intelligent frequency conversion device).
3. If remote guidance doesn't work well, we will designate technicians from cooperative companies in nearby countries or regions to resolve problems for you.
4. If our designated technicians cannot resolve your problems, professional experts will fly to your country or regions within 48 hours after getting a visa. (If you are inAsia, it'll take only one day. While in non-Asian region, it'll take about 48 hours.)
5. We provide free on-site service in warranty period. Beyond the warranty period, we charge only for cost, as long as you provide the invoice.