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Installing Training Service

When it comes to installing of construction equipment or building machines, there might be two main situations: 
1. There are our service points nearby. 
2. There are no service points nearby.
As for situation one, we will designate professional technicians to give an installing training course (about 2-7 days). If the project is too complex or time is enough, we offer the training course in our headquarters and stimulate the installing and disassembling of model machine.
As for situation two, if you have a primary understanding about our construction machinery, our company provides you distance education and tests until you are familiar with our products. If you have never heard about us, we will designate professional technicians to your place at the agreed time.
After completing the training course and passing the exam, our company will give certificates to trainees.
Within 8 hours after the installing, we are reachable for you to answer your questions and resolve problems.