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In 1996
Yuhuaxing was established as a professional construction machinery provider in Huanxin industrial zone of Dongpu Town,Tianhe District,Guangzhou City,with a facilities area of 500㎡
In 1997
We produced the first suspended cradle,called ZLD800.
In 1998
Our series of aerial-work suspended cradles were recognized by Guangdong Construction Committee.
In 1999
Our aerial-work suspended cradles were adopted in the construction of Jianbao office building as well as the installing project of window washing machines for southern communication building.
In 2000
Our newly developed ZLD400B aerial-work suspended cradles successfully entered the Hong Kong market,reaching an output of 1500 units/year.
In 2001
Our company finished the research and development of ZLD500B and ZLD600A aerial-work suspended cradles as well as
the upgrading of ZLD400B. In the same year,we expanded our plants up tp 1,000 ㎡.
In 2002
We achieved a lot in this year. Firstly,our products met the SGS 9000 quality management. Secondly, high speed winch and electric hoist were eventually coming out. Thirdly, we successfully finished the design of stereo garage.Fouthly,our suspended cradles entered into the Singapore and Malaysia markets.Fifthly,we launched our branch office in Beijing.
In 2003
The newly developed suspended cradles for window washing machines came out and were put into market.Besides,we also successfully designed professional cradles for Yichang underwater tunnels.
In 2004
We successfully developed suspended cradles for Hitachi elevator construction.
In 2005
We started our research in SDC retractable loading platform.Finally we achieved successful results in SDC retractable loading platform,which found a market in Hong Kong and sold well.
In 2006
Our research and development of window washing machine cart system as well as mast climbing work platform was proven successful.We moved our headquarters to Liangtian development zone of Baiyun district,with a facilities area of 4,000㎡
In 2007
Our mast climbing work platform found a huge market in Malaysia and India.With a strategic cooperation with Australian Preston,we put CNG retractable loading platforms into production.In order to have a deep understanding of construction equipment,we attended the Guangzhou Engineering Machinery Exhibition and benefited a lot.
In 2008
We successfully developed the SC200/200-65 construction hoist and obtained the production license.We were fortunately invited to ShangHai Bamu Exhibition and had a further understanding of construction equipment.
In 2009
SC200/200-45 construction hoist as well as ZLD400BCL and ZLD500BCL suspended cradles for elevator installation successfully came out. Our products were selling to Singapore and Malaysia on a large scale.
In 2010
SC300/300-65A construction hoist came out and super construction hoist was trial-manufactured.In this year,our products were displayed in the Shanghai BAMU Exhibition attracted much attention.
In 2011
Our engineers completed the design of SC200/200-65B 300 meter-high construction hoist.This series hoist found itsapplication in India.
In 2012
To cope with the mass production,our new factory in Dongguan was completed.We achieved a successful development of super
Fence and sold our construction hoist to Taiwan.What’s more,our YLPS/T150 mast climbing work platform got CEcertificate of TUV company.
In 2013
Guangzhou East Tower adopted our ZLD800D suspended cradles for elevator installing,the 320 meter-high high speed construction hoist was successfully designed for Thailand company and gained praise form our clients,it had a huge loading capacity of 3 tons;we equipped a sliding wire system in construction hoist for the first time and we also gained success in the design of mast climbing work platform with anti-falling device.
In 2014
We successfully designed YLP150D galvanized mast climbing work platform and put into production.ZLD800D suspended cradles for elevator installing found its application in Guangzhou East Tower.We finished our new plants in Dongguan and applied for a patent.We developed integrated frequency control construction hoist and started the management transition of our production department.
In 2015
We successfully get 2 invention patents and 5 utility model patents.We developed the construction elevator of 12 tons loading capacity,YLP450 mast climbing work platform as well as the super loading platform of 10 tons loading capacity.In the beginning of this year,we preliminarily completed the mamagement transition of production department.At the end of this year,other departments also started the transition work.