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Responsibility Builds Superior Quanlity Product

Reliability Wins Customers' Satisfaction

Research and development: The research and development of all our products are fulfilled by Item Group that is composed of more than 10 people (including 2 senior engineers) with university degree or above, years of experience and strong capability from Chief Engineering Office, Technological Center. and Engineering Dynamic Dept. To ensure accurate design and calculation, all products are designed by the advanced three-dimensional software and two-dimensional software integrally. In recent years, the Group has developed the standard,nonstandard construction machinery and others such as temporary suspended platforms, mast climbing work platforms, Construction hoists,Superdeck,permanent suspended working platform,building maintenance unit,etc.

Production: Most parts of products are produced internally with few from outsource. We have Machining Workshop, Welding & Plating Workshop, Assembly Workshop and Spraying & Coating Workshop, which are spacious and bright, and equipped with advanced gap lathe, automatic bender, sand sprayer, CNC milling machine, etc. We adopt responsibility system in workshop to ensure quick and accurate procedure. Years of experience, constant improvement and innovation not only make Yeehuaxing in the leading level at home in both manufacture and management, but also cultivate a group of management and technical talents.

Quality Control: The complete inspection system guarantees product quality. In 2002, we got the certification of ISO9001, and arranged production strictly according to that. Quality means life to us, since we know that the quality of high-altitude working construction machinery decides the lives of operators, and the bad quality may sentence an enterprise to hell.

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